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List of our current members.  Please click on the link by their name to find out more

Alan Carter| http://www.elcch.co.uk

Peter Davis | http://www.edinburgh-therapy.co.uk

Ian R Drummond | http://www.positivedirections.co.uk

Elisa Di Napoli | http://www.hypnotichealing.co.uk

Has been a clinical integrative hypnotherapist and holistic coach since 2001. Coming from a diverse background including philosophy, art, comparative religion, music and acting she is also a drummer, singer songwriter and author. She runs online training course and offers 1-1 sessions on a wide number of issues. She has a special interest in performance anxiety and women's issues.

Lindsay Howden | http://www.howdenhypnotherapy.com

Lindsay deals with addictions, anxiety, phobias and helps clients stop smoking and lose weight. He offers a virtual gastric band technique which has helped many clients reach their desired weight and keep the weight off. He is particularly interested in dental and flying phobias. Help can also be offered to clients having problems with insomnia, stuttering and blushing. Concessions are available.

Colin Jones-Evans | http://www.thehypnotherapypracticeedinburgh.co.uk

I’ve been working in business as a training consultant and coach for 25 years.  I’m also a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, based in Inverleith, Edinburgh.  I help people who want to quit smoking;beat anxiety, created by presentations, meeting strangers, taking exams or leading a new team; overcome fears and phobias such as spiders, flying, or heights; and manage stress and build resilience.

Mike Smith| https://www.mgs-hypnotherapy-services.co.uk

Qualified hypnotherapist. Runs Mind Generating Success in Edinburgh. Specialises in weight loss, smoking cessation and stress/anxiety. Writer of inane scribblings. Author of The Team For Me - 50 Years of Following Hearts. So, half a century of dealing with stress and anxiety… Rapidly ageing grandfather of five.